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Default Hi Dave While listening to y

Hi Dave
While listening to your very latest X-mas compositions,there is a question I wanted to ask,about Virtual cables (VC).
While trouble shooting a third party softsynth through a VC connected to Notation Composer/Musician I stumbled upon two problems ( as parts of the chain ,besides other links of course ).
a. no problems ( clean sound ) when using small or "properly sequenced " (very) big midi files
b. problems ( stuttering,glitching, you name it )with ( usually )larger
mid.files with lots of multi-instrument-demi-semi-quavered( 32th ?
4-6 note )chords and which( according to me ) could be those so-called
stuck -or bad notes off.Checking UNDO STUCK NOTES in Composer or BAD
NOTES OFF in the "receiving " softsynth is effective,but just
c. principally the same when using VCs with VST/instruments/effects

A. could this be a VC-related problem ?
B. "My" setup problem ( PCU,RAM etc )
C. any other isuue I overlooked ( most probable )

Sorry for disturbing a peacefull X-mas
Regards and all the best to you and yor family
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