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Default Awesome project for kids to make music

Hi friends,

This one is a bit off the beaten path.

"Landfillharmonic" is a story about some guys who are reusing (not really recycling) trash to make instruments for kids (you read that correctly if you said "huh?"). You've got to see the instruments and hear the music to believe what these folks have done - it's amazing.

Catuera, Paraguay is a poor village located virtually on top of a landfill). 1500 pounds of trash are dumped there daily and there are 2500 families living right next to it. Because of the poverty in the village, many of the children work at the landfill as "recyclers" instead of attending school. A technician at the landfill, Favio Chavez found this situation depressing and he decided to use his personal instruments to teach some of the children music. He quickly ran out of instruments, so he enlisted Nicolas (Cola) Gomez to make some from the trash in the landfill.

These two amazing men have changed the lives of many of the children of Catuera. "Landfillharmonic" is an effort to spread the word about their story, and raise some funds (and instruments) to help them enrich the lives of the children of Catuera with music that they can make.

You can find out more about the project, and how to help out, at


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