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Default Re: Notation Software to transfer ownership and expand worldwide support

Dear Musicians,

a week ago the transition of ownership of Notation Software was announced where I will come in to take it over and to further support you with the existing products, provide more developing capabilities and to move the business forward with Notation Composer and Notation Musician.

Since last week, we and especially I have received many, many positive and motivating responses from all over the world which I carefully read. Please apologize that it took some time to read them and that I cannot respond to all directly.

For all these motivating wishes, ideas, recommendations etc. I would like to thank you very much. I promise that in the future I will do my best to support you as I have been supported as Notation Software’s customer for 10 years.

One particular topic I would like to bring up here shortly. Some remarks and concerns came up from people in the US/Canada that the service support might be impacted because the new ownership resides in Germany. First of all, Sherry Crann will stay on board without any change to further support the community. In the past almost 8 months Sherry and I worked closely together almost on a daily base where in some cases we were even able to benefit from the time difference. A resolution could be provided from the US perspective even “over night”.

I lived in US and worked in US for many years in a leadership position in the software industry. I know how people think, work and what their needs are. Actually isn’t really different than of those from Europe, Asia etc. Clearly service support is one of Notation Software’s value proposition which we are going to preserve and with the hub in Germany further improve.

At this point I would like to thank Sherry Crann supporting me during the transition and the handover.

For the next months the priority is to smoothly complete the handover of the business without any impact. In addition, of course, there is something in the pipeline for this year to be released…

Again, thank you very much for all the wishes and supporting notes.

Kind regards,

Reinhold Hoffmann
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