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Default Re: Notation Software to transfer ownership and expand worldwide support

My first thoughts on receiving the announcement were (a) as with the others above, relief that there seems to be a firmer future for the software but (b) concern that the wonderful support by Sherry would continue. As a retired IT professional with many years experience working both for a small software company and later for a large systems integrator working with many software suppliers, I have to affirm that the support is amongst the best I have experienced. The speed and helpfulness of the responses not only addresses my ignorance, it also (mostly) compensates for some of the "quirks" of the package. I was so please to read in the extended document that Sherry will continue to be supporting the package.
I also look forward to some visibility of the priorities for development and bug fixing. It is a great challenge for a small software company to balance the requests from diverse groups of users: I hope that the new team will take time to fully understand the range of uses to which the product is put. For example one (but not the only) of my key uses is preparing practice scores for an SATB choir and the requirements for this are possibly quite different from those of one performing with a group of instruments.
Best wishes for the future of this great product.
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