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Default Re: Notation Software to transfer ownership and expand worldwide support

I'm so glad that Notation will continue on. I'm at the point where stuff is so complicated the final has to be on the appallingly time-consuming Sibelius, or in some cases multi-inputted via Sonar, but there's STILL nothing comes close to Notation Composer for ease of use. If I'm not using it as my primary input/recording tool, then I'm using it when I need to edit the notation botched up by other programs!

Seriously, Notation Composer (and the original Midinotate) have been enormously important and of enormous utility for me--and it's helped me progress hugely. I know it's intended for "everyday musicians" but in reality you can take it so far beyond the realm of "everyday" as to be on another planet entirely.

So glad the development will continue on.
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