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Sherry Crann (sherry)
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Default Howdy guys, To hop in, hopi

Howdy guys,

To hop in, hoping to help (we've been working on alliteration lately, can you tell?), I would add that to the best of my knowledge, the MidiSport series also require a powered USB connection, and not all USB ports are powered.

I have a friend who was trying to hook up a MidiSport Uno, and she plugged it into a USB port on her Mac, and got nothing. Turns out her machine has some USB ports that are powered, and some that are not (not sure if that applies to PCs or not). Anyway, when she tried plugging it into another port (which was a powered one), she could finally get it to work properly.

It might be worth a try to plug it into a different USB port and give it a shot.

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