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Jaap Veneman (jaapv)
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Default Jim Lee Don;t worry to much

Jim Lee

Don;t worry to much about XP does not like your drivers.
Many manufacturers let not pass their drivers vai Microsoft approval and Logo program, because of cost, time consuming, and often release upgrades. This does not neccessary mean the drivers are not well developped.

First check in Control Panel - Hardware - System - Device Manager
your Interface is listed, and does not have yellow esclamation marks. If so, de-install, reboot, re-install and see if this has been corrected.

Test the device:
- via Start - RUN - type in DXDIAG
This utility will check all display and sound devices,
Open the "Music" Tab. All your sound devices are listen, so must be your "trouble device" you can check now executing a TEST play.

(To check my instruction I did this myself 30 minutes back, WIndows XP crashed, blue screen, error message that a EICON DIWAN.SYS driver cause the conflict. On the EICON WEB site I found I had to upgrade the driver, and problem solved Thanks)
Lesson: Check the support site of your device for last versions of drivers and install these.

If Ok sofar, you can check with another midiplayer or program if
that play's midi's via your device. If this all works I can't see a reason why Composer could not detect your device.

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