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Default Hi Mark, I have decided not

Hi Mark,
I have decided not to go the Apple iMac route, not because of anything wrong with the Apple system, but simply because the mixture of software I use to prepare my music would make swapping between Windows and OSX time consuming and an unnecessary hassle, with very little overall benefit.

I shall put the upgrade on hold.

Just a note about my history with Apple computers. In the early days of PC's, before even IBM introduced their first PC, and when Bill Gates was getting out of 'short pants', and when 'mini' computers were all the rage (like the DEC PDP 11/70 which I used a lot), the Apple 2e made its appearance, with its 5 1/4 inch floppy (and it was floppy) discs.

I was designing a Paper Mill shop floor system, initially planned to run on the DEC PDP 11's using DecNet and dumb terminals, but we thought we would investigate these new Apple 2e's. The end result was that I implemented (and it was just me designing/programming/implementing/training/support) a Network of about 30 Apple 2e's in the mill environment using a network that was pre-ethernet, but still a CDMA (collison detection, multiple access) type network that ran at 1MB/sec. Most of the programming was in Applesoft basic, and I also had become rather efficient in 7502 assembler for interfaces to mill equipment (scales, test equipment etc).

So I have a love for Apple equipment from way back. Have never been much of a Windows user, as once the IBM PC arrived we found that a better Mill system resulted by running UNIX on the PC's(or actually a variety called XENIX), and I wrote everything in COBOL for the applications with 'C' being used for the system software, equipment interfaces and network control systems. It is really only since my retirement from employment that I have had any significant involvement with Microsoft Windows.

Forgive and 'old man' for rambling....

Cheers ... Clyde
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