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Default Re: Yamaha keyboards playing MIDI files in learning mode

Hi Sherry,
I am old, new to keyboards, new to midi files and have a Yamaha EZ-220 with the learning light up keys and ipad page turner.
I downloaded some midi songs and tried the free Notation player, and after some research, your post on this forum made my decision to buy Notation Muscian.
To get midi to talk to my keyboard I searched for the util you suggested to convert midi type 1 to type 0 called gn1to0.0
This version does not run (easily) on Windows 7 64 or 32 bit.
I tried the web page in your post and when I read the instructions () I found the programme updated and re-named Midi1to0 which runs with no problems.
I hope in future you can embed more features into Notation to take advantage of newer keyboards.
Eric calvert.

I found middle C, it was under the grand piano!
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