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Default Re: Garritan library templates! For GPO and JABB

Hi Ray,

Originally Posted by maximise View Post
The videos are a great help, Thanks!
I'm glad that you (and others) are finding them useful

However, having loaded the GPO template I assume that I have also to download some additional software but I cannot find the link. Also when I had tripped over the link (now lost again) it appeard that the software was NOT free. Am I looking in the wrong place?
The link to the Garritan website is and you are correct that it is not free I only included the templates because we do have a lot of users who also have some of the Garritan libraries, Personal Orchestra (GPO) and the Jazz and Big Band (JABB) being two of the favorites. Folks who have those libraries can use the .not template files that I created to quickly set up Musician or Composer to match the ensemble templates that are included in GPO and JABB.

They are not free, but they are probably the best "bang for the buck" libraries to get really excellent instrument sounds for backing tracks or even just for really nice play-along sounds for practicing with Notation Musician or Notation Composer. I have some, and use them for making backing tracks for musicals and such. With some massaging of the performance parameters in Notation Composer, you can get some really realistic sounding performances.

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