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Default Shifting barlines - Notation Musician and Notation Composer

Hi friends,

This tutorial video shows you how to shift the barlines in a file that has "offset" barlines. This operation will shift all the barlines in a file by some set duration that you choose in the front of the file (don't worry - the tool lets you see exactly where you're shifting ).

Sometimes when you open a MIDI (.mid) file, the notes that should be a lead in or pick up are sequenced as the downbeat notes, or notes that should be on the downbeat are off by some number of beats. You'll also see that the barlines that follow are also offset by the same note duration. Both Notation Musician and Notation Composer have the tool to fix these files so that the sheet music you get will be more easily readable, and the down beats will fall where they are supposed to.

(note: If you have a file where the barlines are off, but they are not "off" in a regular way, you may need to use the ReBar tools that are available in Notation Composer. You can see the tutorial video for that feature by clicking here.)

To view this video for Shifting Barlines you can click here.

To download the video for Shifting Barlines, you can click here.

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