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Default Parts! Two installments, for Notation Musician and Notation Composer

Hi friends,

Sometimes when we talk about our music files, it's easy to get confused between "Staff" and "Part". The first video here "Parts - Part 1" explains this issue, as well as shows you how Musician and Composer handle Parts, and how you can use the Part/Define and Display feature to set up your own Parts. It can be handy to have Parts that display only specific instruments for printing or playing along.

The second video "Parts - Part 2" goes through the Part Wizard, and how it can help you to get specific types of Parts from a .mid or .not file that you are working with. There are some tips and tricks for getting those special parts just right for you.

Parts - Part 1
The video is about 17 minutes long, and may take a bit to load as it's high quality.
View Parts-Part 1 by clicking here.

Download Parts-Part 1 by clicking here.

Parts - Part 2
This video is about 30 minutes long, and may take a bit longer to load.
View Parts-Part 2 by clicking here.

Download Parts-Part 2 by clicking here.

As always, if you have questions or comments, please feel free to post them here.

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