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Default Re: Notation Composer and Mac users

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Hi friends,

We've had a few different requests from Mac users, wondering if our products work on Macs. Notation Software can not test our products on Macs, simply because we don't have the resources to do that at present.

However, the good news is that we do have some Mac users (and growing!) who successfully use our products on Mac systems in conjunction with Parallels (www.parallels) and CrossOver ( and One Mac user reported problems when trying to use Parallels with Composer under SnowLeopard, but was able to successfully use Composer with Crossover.

If you have experience with using Notation Composer or Notation Musician on a Mac, please feel free to share your experience(s) and tips here for the general community.

on my mac osx I use bootcamp and xp and notation composer works perfectly. clem42
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