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Default Re: Using ASIO4ALL to bring down latency

Hi friends,

Since we get inquiries like "I"m trying to record, but it's going later than what I think it should" a fair bit, I'm posting the following reply here in this thread as well since it's relevant.

There is a free/donation MIDI device called SynthFont that you can use and which can allow for nearly zero latency for both playback and recording. To do this on the cheap, you'll need the following:

1. SynthFont, which can be downloaded from
2. ASIO4ALL, which can be downloaded from
3. A "virtual" MIDI cable, which is used to connect Composer to SynthFont. A pretty good one that I can recommend is LoopBe, which can be downloaded from

The short story is:

1. Install the LoopBe.
2. Install Asio4All.
3. Install SynthFont.
4. Open Composer, and set the LoopBe (which may show up as "Internal MIDI") as the Default MIDI Playback Device - this is in Setup/MIDI Devices Configuration.
5. While in MIDI Devices Configuration, go to Port/Select Ports, and UNCHECK the GS Wavetable. The GS Wavetable interferes with ASIO, and ruins the latency. Also UNCHECK the "Internal MIDI" as an Input device - if it's on as both an Input and Output, it will cause a feedback loop that will cause the cable to "mute" itself, and you won't get any sound. Click "Ok" to save.
6. Run SynthFont, and in "Setup and Options" (button on the toolbar), click the IO Ports tab. Select (a) the "Internal MIDI" for the MIDI input port, (b) Check the "Use ASIO" in the lower part of the dialog, and select "ASIO4ALL" in the drop list. Click "Ok" to save.
7. On SynthFont's toolbar, click the "Turn MIDI Input ON" button.

After this, you can use SynthFont as the MIDI playback device while recording, and you should have zero latency - in other words, no lags.
We have more info on soundfonts as well, and you can get some surprisingly good sounding ones. Check out the User Forum and search for "soundfonts" for more info there. You can also see some videos of the setup for the MIDI virtual cables and SynthFont in the Tutorial Video section on the User Forum ( if you'd like to see it done before trying it yourself.

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