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Default Re: Ridiculously inexpensive MIDI-to-USB cable

Originally Posted by Sherry C View Post
Hi friends,

Folks often ask for recommendations for MIDI/USB interfaces. These are the MIDI In and MIDI Out going to a USB plug, which are handy if you have an older keyboard that is still working fine. I gave a link for a really inexpensive one below, which may or may not work for you.
Just to add: I've been using one of the ridiculously cheap supposedly crappy junk MIDI-USB links for years now, when I'm away from home base (where nothing is USB, its all proper/oldfashioned MIDI-in-out plugs unless I'm cheating on the office computer in which case I have to use it). Never had a hiccup. Equipment when using it: laptop (Acer Travelmate, about 7 years old, running XP), one or other Medeli midi keyboards, or my ancient Yamaha PSR-310. At $4 to $5 for a unit, what's to lose? Those units appear identical to the one I've got, which cost about $20 five years ago.
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