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Default Re: print music sheet error, pls help.


Originally Posted by hippobo_bo View Post
I'm trying to print my music sheet. the note letter came out instead of the actual note.
(The following is taken from our Knowledge Base of articles at

If the printout of your score fails to show music symbols and instead shows letters (such as a 'G' instead of a notehead), the problem is almost certainly due to the following reason. Microsoft Windows has a strange limitation that there can only be 300 fonts in the Windows Font directory for Windows XP and earlier versions. Even in Windows 7 and Windows Vista there is a higher limit on the number of fonts supported.
When you encounter this problem with Notation Composer, the solution is to temorarily remove fonts from you Windows font directory. The steps are:
  1. First, exit Notation Composer.
  2. Right-click the Windows Start (globe) button at the left bottom corner of your screen. A small menu will be displayed.
  3. In that menu, choose 'Open Windows Explorer'.
  4. In Windows Explorer go to c:\Windows.
  5. In the list of sub-directories of Windows, right-click the "Fonts" directory. A menu of options will be displayed.
  6. In the menu of options for the Fonts directory, choose Properties. It will display the number of "files" in the Font directory. That is the number of fonts. Exit the Font Properties by clicking Cancel.
  7. Create a sub-directory of the Fonts directory, named something like "InactiveFonts". Do that by selecting the Fonts directory in Windows Explorer, and then choose New Folder in the list of options at the top of the menu, or in earlier versions of Windows, choose New Folder from the File menu.
  8. In the left panel of Windows Explorer, open navigate to the newly created Windows / Font / InactiveFonts directory.
  9. In the right panel, navigate to the Windows / Fonts directory and double-click Fonts. A list of the fonts will be displayed.
  10. Identify fonts you don't need, and drag them from the list on the right panel (for Windows / Fonts files) and drop them into the Windows / Fonts / Inactive Fonts directory in the left panel.
  11. Run Notation Composer again the try printing. If the problem persists, then move some more fonts to the InactiveFonts folder.
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