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Default Using SynthFont for better sounds and lower latency (Musician and Composer)

Hi friends,

As the first followup to the Virtual MIDI Cables video, this video shows you how to install SynthFont (from and use its "MIDI Input" feature with Notation Musician and Notation Composer to have better sounds and decrease the playback and/or recording latency (see below).

Why use soundfonts? If you want better quality instrument sounds than the default GS Wavetable, soundfonts are a great way to go. We have a resource page at with information about soundfonts. There are many free soundfonts available, as well as for-purchase ones.

Additionally, if you first install the ASIO4ALL driver (free at and use it in SynthFont, then you can also record into Notation Composer virtually latency-free. This means that when you press the key on your keyboard to record or play along, you'll hear the sound at the same instant rather than after some delay (the GS Wavetable has a delay of nearly a half-second).

To watch the video, you can click here. If you prefer to download it to your computer, please use this download link.

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