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Default Getting a Great Performance - 01 (Notation Composer)

Hi Friends,

We have another in our series of Notation Software Tutorial Video Series ready for you!

Getting a Great Performance 01
(Notation Composer)
This video covers many performance aspects, some that are tied to the notation itself, including:
  • Ornaments (eg. trills, turns, mordents, tremelos, grace notes, and arpeggios)
  • Piano roll - fine-tuning note durations and timing placements
  • Note Velocity - using note velocity differences to add dynamics
  • Sound changes - give more realistic representations of pizzicato and arco sounds while you're composing, or to change instruments for multi-instrumentalists working from a single staff.
This video is about 25 minutes long, so please be patient as it loads for viewing. If you'd rather download the video and watch it at your leisure, you can use this download link.

(Please note that the Graph Over Notes feature will be treated in a separate video.)

As always if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to post them. If you have additional tips and tricks, please post those as well. I'm not claiming to have covered everything, just trying to help folks get a good grasp of the basics and get going quicker.

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