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Default Re: Garritan library templates! For GPO and JABB

Hi friends,

For anyone else who would like to create your own templates for any Garritan Libraries, here's my check-list method for creating those templates.
1. Create a new file with a single blank instrument.
2. Use the Staff/Setup dialog to do most of the setup.
3. “Add” the number of staves for all the instruments, including two each for KS instruments or keyboard instruments (so can make two-handed for real musicians’ printouts.)
4. Match channel numbers to the Aria player’s grid, making sure that KS instruments have two staves with matching channel numbers. Same for keyboard instruments.
5. Select a close match for the instrument from the GM grid. This is not necessary as the channel number is what dictates the instrument in the Aria player, but this is convenient if someone wants to use the .not template file for other than the Garritan player device.
6. Set the KS staff Volumes to 1.
7. All staves have Mod Wheel value of 8000 (easiest to enter a set value for one, then copy/paste that data to other staves in Graph Over Notes.)
8. Use each Staff Select button to do final name for staff (the big Staff/Setup dialog has a bug in naming right now.)
9. KS staves all are bass clef to accommodate the KS “notes”.
10. Check clefs and set them for their most frequently used clef (eg. Bass clef for contrabass, and the transposition as well)
11. Add a note at the end of each track, use File/Export as .mid, then re-open the .mid file. This will save typing the staff names in the Parts listing J
12. Use Staff/Transpose Instruments, and then “Look up all”. Undo the KS Track staves though – those should not be transposed.
13. Add a “Conductor’s Print Score” by using Part/Define parts, “Add” and “Select all”, then eliminating all the “KS Track” staves.
14. Don’t forget to delete the notes from the template before the final “File/Save as template”.
You can use this method for creating any template, really, just leave out the "extra KS staff", and the "Mod wheel" bits. If you're using the GM grid, then you don't have to worry about matching up channel numbers either

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