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Default Re: Note Entry - Recording into Composer even if you don't play keyboard (Composer on

Hi friends,

I should have mentioned that there are a variety of other MIDI instruments available such as wind controllers (for sax/clarinet, brass), MIDI guitars, MIDI pickups you can put on your own guitar, etc. However, most of these types of MIDI pickups and devices are pretty expensive. There are other MIDI devices such as the Sonuus units for guitar and bass that aren't horrendously expensive, but they're limited to single notes - no "polyphony" (multiple notes at the same time, such as for chords).

The techniques that are shown in the video are using a MIDI keyboard, which is the "truest" input you can get and they're also the least expensive. You can get a decent MIDI keyboard these days for about $50, and $200 or less will get you a pretty nice one. The other types of MIDI devices I mentioned above generally start at about $500 and can cost thousands of dollars. Therefore, I'm showing some techniques where you can use an inexpensive keyboard but get your notation and performance into Composer and edit it for sheet music. True confession: I use this technique a lot myself

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