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andy avenell
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Default Re: Notation Composer and Mac users

Where in the process does it ask for date? All what happens when I start mine is I start crossover, then from file, select open recent files which shows notation composer set up 252 set up exe and from there, it installs the prog each time from there. Bit long winded but it works.

Look at how you have it working in the crossover bottle. If you can supply more detail, may be able to help but it is a while now since I cracked it and sadly did not write down the process.

Only thing I can say that may help is when I trialled it with the online free version, it bombed each time. Loaded my paid for full version and it worked.

Are you using a fully paid up version for your trial? If not, buy it. I brought logic 9 and still use Notation as my weapon of choice. It works for me. Only issue I have with it is I can not unlock the midi setting so when I play back through my Roland jv1080, it does not send out the separate channelsí, bass to bass, it only sends as one-general piano.

Midi is not my strong point but I have a friend who is up on it looking into that problem. Hope the above helps.
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