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Thank you very much for your responses.

I tried to 'temporarily' overcome this challenge through recording to QY100 the playback of Composer while metronome of both tools ticking at almost identical time and then fine tuning the result on QY100 to exact measures and beats using its 'Quantize job'. Naturally this method may not be applicable to MIDI performances with more complicated note timings, therefore there will be a need for a MIDI clock from PC side (ideally composer), which brings me to the below:

- Any idea on when Composer will have a MIDI clock?
- If Composer will not be having a MIDI clock any time soon, do you know of another sofware with MIDI clock that can act as a MIDI master, can import and playback MIDI files?
- As the QY100 can 'load' .SMF files, perhaps Composer can export to this format (but then I will need to figure out a way to transfer SMF from PC to QY100). Or maybe there is a third party software that can import MIDI and export to SMF?

Thank you,
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