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Default Midi clocks

Hello all,

I am having trouble with synchronizing composer (master) with an external sequencer (slave).

I have connected the PC to the external hardware sequencer (Yamaha QY100) using a usb midi interface (Yamaha UX16). The drivers of the interface are installed and Notation composer is now using QY100 voices for playback (playback works great).

My problem is that when I set the QY100 as Composer's slave, composer is not sending midi clock messages: i.e when the playback in composer moves from measure 1 to 2, composer is not instructing QY100 to move from measure 1 to 2 so all recorded notes in QY100 are placed in Measure 1 beat 1.

There are only 3 settings for this available on QY:
- Midi Sync is set to external meaning QY100 is controlled by external midi device (composer)
- Midi control is set to IN.
- Echo back is off as there is no Midi Thru in the setup.

If any body has experience with using Composer together with an external hardware midi recorder/sequencer, could you please share your experience and how this problem of mine can be resolved?

Many thanks,
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