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Default Re: Notation Software, "Cantabile" VST host and more.

Hello NotationUser,

Thanks for your excellent write-up about options for playing back General MIDI (GM) sounds via alternative soundfont and VST solutions.

Many of our Notation Composer use these tools. These solutions appeal to technically inclined users, and somewhat technical users who are sufficiently motivated to play back their music with better sounds that the ones "out of the box", i.e., those built into Windows.

There's an upcoming Notation Composer feature for direct soundfont support. It basically presents to the user soundfont banks and instrument choices in a way that looks very similar to the "out of the box" GM instrument choices. This feature is about 80% complete but got stalled by other tasks. I'm not sure at this time when I'll get back to finishing the soundfont support. There might be issues of incompatibility with Vista and Windows 7-- I haven't investigated yet.

So, well, this soundfont support in Composer is somewhat of a hallow promise; but, really, the support is quite good. The convenience it offers for choosing soundfonts will be far better than that of any MIDI-capable software (MIDI sequencer or notation app) that I've ever seen.

-- Mark
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