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Default Re: Virtual midi cables

Glad to help.

If I get good passionate response like yours I try my best to give something in return.

rtpMidi is really worth checking out. It's a free development of Tobias Erichsen done over 4 years. I think it's great work and should be noted.

The 64bit compatibility and the x-platform capabilities are outstanding. It's not just something new, it's new technology, and I am really picky in what I call "technology"...

If you wish to check it out, install Apple "bonjour" first. It will install a bonjour printer too, but for midi you just need the basic bonjour service - you can uninstall the bonjour printer with windows software removal. Then install rtpMidi.

You can create as many "sessions" as you like. Each session is the end point for a midi in and midi out port. By routing on the same machine you get pairs of virtual midi cables. With bonjour all sessions from other machines are recognized as well and can be routed. Ok, I haven't checked the latter myself but I have no doubt that it works. It's all easy, effective and convincing.

BTW, I have routed Notation Software demo via rtpMidi to my VST host and it simply works. Just you need to connect two rtpSessions to get a local loopback virtual midi cable pair, that's all.

Have fun!
...and keep on jamming... :p
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