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Lightbulb Virtual midi cables

This seems to be a repetitive topic. Thought I share my latest findings with you.

MidiYoke is the most known one I guess, but not 64bit compatible

Marple is probably less known but recommended by some developers, also just 32bit

LoopBe by Nerds, 64bit compatible
LoopBe1 is free - but just one cable
LoopBe30 is $19.99/16.99 and offers 30 cables
ipMidi is 79/69 and offers midi over UDP networking

rtpMidi is free and 64bit! Works on one pc or over networks too!! Is Mac compatible, i.e. connects to Mac midi networks!!! Needs Apple Bonjour network services which can be downloaded for free from apple
This is HOT and around for approximately one month - the most versatile you can get for free (or any donation you wish to contribute to the developer)

Have fun cabling midi!
...and keep on jamming... :p

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