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Default Re: Trouble with GPO


You can set the channels you want in both Composer and Musician, as well as change the channel setting in GPO.

To change the channel settings for Composer:

1. To do them all from the same dialog, click on Staff/Setup
2. In the grid at the top part of the dialog, click on each channel number, and select what you want from the drop down list.
3. When you're done setting all the channels, click "Ok."

To change the channel for the instrument in GPO (this is for the Aria player)

1. Open the Aria player.
2. After loading your instruments, you can then click on the channel number in the slot (eg. "01") and a drop list will show up where you can select a different channel number. You'll want to match the channel numbers of the instruments with the channel numbers you assigned in Composer.

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