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Lightbulb Setting up LoopBe virtual MIDI cables and Garritan Aria player


In order to use the Aria player with Composer, I use virtual MIDI cables called "LoopBe" (single set available free at I tried using MidiYoke, but they didn't work on my machine (64 bit, Win 7). I know a lot of folks here use MidiYoke successfully though, so if you want more routing flexibility, you may want to try that first (available free here) In that case, choose a MidiYoke X (eg. 1, 2, etc.) that you'll use in Aria and thus as the MIDI Playback device in Composer.

The steps to do this and have it all work together:

1. Download and install LoopBe1 from the link above.

2. Run Aria, and then in Tools/Preferences,
a. UNSelect your MIDI instrument input, and SELECT LoopBe Internal MIDI(in). This is so the MIDI signal will go in through Composer and thence to Aria.

b. Audio Device - select the ASIO stuff that you want to use, sample rate, and buffer size.

c. Click "Ok."
3. Now open Composer (don't open Composer before opening Aria, or it will Cause Problems).

4. Go through the steps I listed previously for disabling the GS Wavetable (it interferes with ASIO, and causes latency issues.)

5. If you play to use the Aria as your main playback device, then also in the MIDI Device Configuration, right-click on "LoopBe", and select "Set as default playback device."

5. Load your instruments in Aria, make sure the channel assignments match the channel assignments in Composer (using Setup/Staff Setup makes it easy to see them all at once).

6. Enjoy
Composer will automatically detect the MIDI input from your keyboard, so you shouldn't have to configure that, and you will already have configured the MIDI output device in (4) above. Alternatively, you can set the playback device for each staff in Staff/Setup.
If you have any problems, just ask - I'm sure someone here will hop in with answers

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