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Default Re: No Sound on Playback

Originally Posted by Sherry C View Post

I am glad that it's working for you, but that is strange behavior. Just out of curiosity,
  • was the program taking a long time to first open,
  • or was it taking a long time to transcribe the song after you selected which song to open,
  • or after clicking "Play" was it taking a long time before the blue beat cursor and the sound started,
  • or after clicking Play did the beat cursor start going but no sound,
  • or...?
The answer may give us a clue if there is an intermittent bug (the worst kind) that we might be able to get a handle on. Of course it's always easier if we can make it happen repeatedly, but I am glad for you that it's working well now Also, what kind of sound card and video card do you have?

I know that's a hassle for a number of users. We'll be working on that very soon, to get a maintenance release out with a fix.

Thanks Sherry,

The program opened in a reasonably short time.
Transcription time was ok.
But yes, after clicking play, nothing seemed to happen - no beat cursor or sound. However later I did this and it started playing (sound and cursor) after about 20-30 seconds so I realized it wasn't just a sound problem because, as I said, the NWC program worked ok.
I am using the program on a Dell C640 laptop which has a ATI Mobility Radeon 7500 (M7) Video Adapter and Intel 82801CAM ICH3-M - AC'97 Audio Controller [B-1] PCI. So not sure what the problem was.

Looking forward to that practice fix...

Kind regards,
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