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Default Re: No Sound on Playback


Originally Posted by IanMc View Post
Well for no obvious reason the problem has resolved itself. I think there had been a massive delay before the tune would play such that rather than there being no sound it was just taking ages to start playing.

It works ok now so I'm none the wiser.
I am glad that it's working for you, but that is strange behavior. Just out of curiosity,
  • was the program taking a long time to first open,
  • or was it taking a long time to transcribe the song after you selected which song to open,
  • or after clicking "Play" was it taking a long time before the blue beat cursor and the sound started,
  • or after clicking Play did the beat cursor start going but no sound,
  • or...?
The answer may give us a clue if there is an intermittent bug (the worst kind) that we might be able to get a handle on. Of course it's always easier if we can make it happen repeatedly, but I am glad for you that it's working well now Also, what kind of sound card and video card do you have?

Now if that practice setup bug were fixed this would have to be close to the perfect musician's notation program...
I know that's a hassle for a number of users. We'll be working on that very soon, to get a maintenance release out with a fix.

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