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Sherry C 01-07-2012 10:44 PM

Note Editing - the basics (mainly Notation Composer)
Howdy friends,

This pair of tutorial videos covers the basics of note editing, including the following points:

  • Various methods of selecting notes (they have to be selected in order to be edited)
  • Deleting notes
  • Shifting the pitch via mouse or keyboard
  • Editing accidentals and changing enharmonic spelling
  • Voices and stem direction (and how they can help clarify choral parts, or other "moving" pieces)
  • Hiding rests to keep the score cleaner
  • Note duration tools and shortcuts
  • Shifting notes left or right "in time" on the score
  • Ties - "to count or to clean"
I've split the video into two smaller segments, to hopefully keep them "digestable" and to make loading and playing them a bit easier. These are only the most basic note editing features. We'll deal with special features for cleaning up recordings, ReBar (adjusting the barlines for metronomeless recordings), and Piano tips in separate videos.

To view the videos, you can use the following links:
Note Editing Part 1
Note Editing Part 2
To download the videos to your machine for later viewing, you can use these links:
Download Note Editing Part 1
Download Note Editing Part 2
As always, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to post them.


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