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Sherry C 10-09-2011 11:12 PM

Text and symbols in the score (Notation Musician and Notation Composer)
Hi friends,

This tutorial shows various types of text and how to enter and edit them in your score. The following topics are included in this one:

  • Free text - great for performance directions, annotations, or other "score notes".
  • Page text - text items that you want to appear on specific pages of the score such as the title, part names, page numbering, etc. and a little "cheat" method for including other information as page text.
  • Rehearsal marks - entering and editing (also see the Practice and Learning video for using these in practice sessions)
  • Chord names - a brief overview (these will be covered in more detail in another video)
  • Special Symbols - how to include musical symbols in the score as annotation elements (ie. non-playback-performance annotations).
Please note that Lyrics are covered in their own separate tutorials:
Basic lyric entry
Basic font editing
Copy/pasting and multiple verses

Please be patient as the video loads (it's high quality and 27 minutes long). You can watch it by clicking here. If you prefer to download it to your computer, please use this download link.


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