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Sherry C 06-30-2011 12:10 AM

Garritan library templates! For GPO and JABB
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Hi friends,

I've finally got around to putting together templates for Notation Composer that you can use with the ensembles that come with Garritan Personal Orchestra (GPO) 4, as well as the Garritan Jazz and Big Band (JABB) 3.

  • These templates correspond to the ensemble templates that come with GPO and JABB. The instrument names and the channel numbers have been set to make it easier for you to open the template in Notation Composer, load the Ensemble in GPO or JABB, and get going quickly. If you have a favorite ensemble that you’ve created, you can easily make your own template in Notation Composer by creating the appropriate staves and settings, and then using File/Save as Template. Next time you want to compose or arrange for that same ensemble, you’ll have the template ready!
  • All tracks have a default Mod. Wheel setting of 8000 (50%). You are encouraged to use the Graph Over Notes drawing tools, or MIDI recording features, of Notation Composer to change the Mod. Wheel settings for each instrument throughout your work to better emulate the dynamics of a live performance.
  • The templates are set up with the corresponding GM instrument patches selected (eg. Grand Piano in place of the Steinway), but the Mod. wheel setting of 8000 (50%) on each track means that if you're using a MIDI playback device other than a Garritan Library, then you'll want to delete the Mod Wheel, or you'll probably get a really wavery sound.
  • Parts: There is a “Conductor’s Score” which shows all staves, including KS (keyswitch) tracks. There is also a “Conductor’s Print Score” which does not have the KS tracks. All other parts are the print version only. Eg. If you are using a KS trombone, then there will be two “harp” staves in the file so that you can use one for the KS notes/events, but the “Trombone 1 KS” Part will only show the staff that contains the notes for the sheet music. You can use Parts/Define parts to create your own parts for working with.
  • Transposing Instruments: the default instrument transpositions have already been done for you. You can choose whether to show the Concert pitches or Instrument transposed pitches by selecting your desired option in either the Staff or Format menu. Please note that the corresponding “Track” is not transposed, so that you can enter the KS notes without having to think about any transposition.
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To use the templates:
If you're using XP, then you can unzip the attached bundle of templates into
c:\Program Files\Notation\Templates\

If you're using Vista or Win 7, unzip the attached bundle of templates into BOTH (just to cover the bases) of the following:

c:\Program Files\Notation\Templates\
c:\Users\Public\Public Documents\Notation\Templates\

After unzipping the files and putting them in the above folder(s), you should see them show up when you use "Create new" in Notation Composer.

If you are unable for any reason to copy these template files into the above folders or they don't show up properly in Create New, you can always simply unzip them into any folder, use File/Open in Composer to open them, and then immediately use File/Save as Template to save it to the Template folder for future use. You can then continue to work with the open file, changing the key signature, etc, just as you normally would any .not file (which is really all it is). You'll have already saved a "template" copy for using again later.

If you find any problems, or have suggestions for improvements, please do let me know.


Sherry C 06-30-2011 12:26 PM

Re: Garritan library templates! For GPO and JABB
Hi friends,

For anyone else who would like to create your own templates for any Garritan Libraries, here's my check-list method for creating those templates.
1. Create a new file with a single blank instrument.
2. Use the Staff/Setup dialog to do most of the setup.
3. “Add” the number of staves for all the instruments, including two each for KS instruments or keyboard instruments (so can make two-handed for real musicians’ printouts.)
4. Match channel numbers to the Aria player’s grid, making sure that KS instruments have two staves with matching channel numbers. Same for keyboard instruments.
5. Select a close match for the instrument from the GM grid. This is not necessary as the channel number is what dictates the instrument in the Aria player, but this is convenient if someone wants to use the .not template file for other than the Garritan player device.
6. Set the KS staff Volumes to 1.
7. All staves have Mod Wheel value of 8000 (easiest to enter a set value for one, then copy/paste that data to other staves in Graph Over Notes.)
8. Use each Staff Select button to do final name for staff (the big Staff/Setup dialog has a bug in naming right now.)
9. KS staves all are bass clef to accommodate the KS “notes”.
10. Check clefs and set them for their most frequently used clef (eg. Bass clef for contrabass, and the transposition as well)
11. Add a note at the end of each track, use File/Export as .mid, then re-open the .mid file. This will save typing the staff names in the Parts listing J
12. Use Staff/Transpose Instruments, and then “Look up all”. Undo the KS Track staves though – those should not be transposed.
13. Add a “Conductor’s Print Score” by using Part/Define parts, “Add” and “Select all”, then eliminating all the “KS Track” staves.
14. Don’t forget to delete the notes from the template before the final “File/Save as template”.
You can use this method for creating any template, really, just leave out the "extra KS staff", and the "Mod wheel" bits. If you're using the GM grid, then you don't have to worry about matching up channel numbers either ;)


maximise 06-04-2012 03:01 PM

Re: Garritan library templates! For GPO and JABB
The videos are a great help, Thanks!

However, having loaded the GPO template I assume that I have also to download some additional software but I cannot find the link. Also when I had tripped over the link (now lost again) it appeard that the software was NOT free. Am I looking in the wrong place?

Best Wishes,
Ray T

Sherry C 06-04-2012 05:53 PM

Re: Garritan library templates! For GPO and JABB
Hi Ray,


Originally Posted by maximise (Post 17351)
The videos are a great help, Thanks!

I'm glad that you (and others) are finding them useful :)


However, having loaded the GPO template I assume that I have also to download some additional software but I cannot find the link. Also when I had tripped over the link (now lost again) it appeard that the software was NOT free. Am I looking in the wrong place?
The link to the Garritan website is and you are correct that it is not free :) I only included the templates because we do have a lot of users who also have some of the Garritan libraries, Personal Orchestra (GPO) and the Jazz and Big Band (JABB) being two of the favorites. Folks who have those libraries can use the .not template files that I created to quickly set up Musician or Composer to match the ensemble templates that are included in GPO and JABB.

They are not free, but they are probably the best "bang for the buck" libraries to get really excellent instrument sounds for backing tracks or even just for really nice play-along sounds for practicing with Notation Musician or Notation Composer. I have some, and use them for making backing tracks for musicals and such. With some massaging of the performance parameters in Notation Composer, you can get some really realistic sounding performances.


homeboy26 04-13-2013 05:04 AM

Re: Garritan library templates! For GPO and JABB
thanks and I am sure this is really good stuff.......but I think I would get the idea better from a personal demonstration for a couple of hours.

My breins, she is not verkink as fast as wunce woz!

Anytime you are in OZ and available for a Tutorial Booking ...please let me know!



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