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Sherry C 05-28-2011 04:17 PM

Formatting the score for printing -Notation Musician and Notation Composer
Hi friends,

Formatting the score for printing
This tutorial covers many aspects of formatting the score for printing such as:
  • Instrument Transpositions (covered more fully in the Transpositions video)
  • Setting margins for single sheets and booklets
  • Titles, part names, and other Page Text (and making sure you've allowed room for them)
  • Adjusting barlines (either nudging, or breaking up systems at barlines)
  • Moving systems to different pages (and showing what a "system" is :) )
  • Setting fixed numbers of measures per page
  • Showing or hiding instrument names
  • Showing or hiding "resting" staves
  • Collapsing multiple measure rests
  • Overall horizontal or vertical spacing changes

The tutorial does not cover all aspects of formatting, but we have tried to catch the most frequently asked-about topics. If you have further questions, please do ask!

The video is large (it's nearly 30 minutes, and larger format for clarity) so please be patient as it loads. If you'd prefer to download it and watch it on your own computer you can use this download link.


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