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Sherry C 03-22-2011 09:39 PM

Transpositions: Song key (actual pitches) and Instrument Key Transpositions
Hi friends,

Transpositions: This tutorial covers the differences between Song Key (actual heard pitches) transposition, which affects the entire song/score, and Instrument Key transposition, which affects only the notation for specific instruments known as "transposing instruments" (eg. Bb clarinet). You'll also see how to perform each type of transposition in Notation Musician or Notation Composer (same steps in each), and how to toggle between the display of Concert Pitch and Instrument Transposed Pitches.

The video is large (it's high resolution) so please be patient as it loads to play. If you prefer to download it to your machine, please use this download link.

If you have suggestions, questions, comments, or other discussion about this video and it's subject matter, please do that here in this thread.

For further information on transposing instruments, you can see a concise description and examples at Teoria, as well as this more extensive treatise and instrument list at Wikipedia.


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