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rrayner 03-05-2018 05:03 PM

Jalousie (Jealousy) Duet
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"Jalousie (Jealousy)" was written in 1925 by Jacob Gade and is also known as "Tango Tzigane" (Gypsy Tango). Later on, Vera Bloom wrote the English lyrics. Frankie Laine made a popular recording of the song in 1951.

This song is rather rangy, so I had to work a key change into it to accommodate this range. The original sheet music I began with started in C Minor and modulated to C Major, a common musical modulation. I had to change the key to F Minor to get the lead line in range, but that put the modulation to F Major impractical, so measures 31 and 32 modulate from F Minor to Bb Major.

I had to squeeze the score a little bit in order to keep the score at two printed pages.

If you would like to see the lyrics or the chords, you can use Composer commands to display them: for lyrics use qsl; for chords use qscn.

Ralph R. Rayner

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