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dj 01-30-2018 12:31 PM

BiaB style change markers
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Hi, Reinhold:

Playing with the Band-in-a-Box plug-in. I am fairly familiar with the full program, or at least a very old version of it, as I used it a while back. The plug-in seems to do its job well enough, although I've never been a fan of the auto-accompaniment features. The Soloists in the full version I have found useful on occasion.

What is irking me with the plug-in is that the style change markers don't stay hidden. Once hidden and the file saved, next time the file is loaded the markers are back again and must be hidden manually.

I'm not sure whether that's a bug or whether Power Tracks is just marking their territory, but I think it would definitely irk other users as well.

This appears to only happen in a .not file, which makes sense, as XML format probably doesn't have provision for such a marker.

Example file attached. The first "persistent" style change marker appears at bar 18.


Reinhold H. 01-30-2018 01:15 PM

Re: BiaB style change markers

Thanks for your precise observation. This is a bug. A style change is similar to a rehearsal mark. Opening a .not file with a hidden rehearsal mark works fine but the Band-in-a-Box style marker is always visible when opening the .not file.


Reinhold H. 02-03-2018 03:47 AM

Re: BiaB style change markers

This was a very import finding because it required a change of the layout of the .not file. This fix is essential for a scenario e.g. where an arranger for a band uses Composer and the band members use Composer without the Band-in-a-Box plugin or Musician or Player.



dj 02-03-2018 01:03 PM

Re: BiaB style change markers
Good thing we caught it!


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