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tubaman 12-27-2017 02:17 AM

Deleting rests that appear above the staff
I am creating a four part voice piece. Somehow there are rests above some of the measures in some of the parts. They are selectable but NOT deletable. Any help appreciated :confused:

Sherry C 12-27-2017 02:26 AM

Re: Deleting rests that appear above the staff
Hi Tubaman,

Those are most likely caused by having the notes in Lower Voice, and therefore the Upper Voice is resting (the rests).

If you have two separate voices (eg. tenor and bass) in the same staff, it makes it easier for each voice to read their part by having the tenors in Upper Voice and the basses in Lower voice. The note stems point in different directions that way, giving the vocalists an easy visual cue as to what their note is, as well as cutting down on tied notes when the two voices vary in their movement.

To fix the issue (I'm guessing that it only occurs where there are single notes - perhaps unisons - at a time) you can (1) select the rest(s) or the notes (either way will work) and then (2) in the palette select the Single Voice button. The rests will disappear.

If the above doesn't explain or help the situation, please post a copy of the file and the location(s) of the issue.


tubaman 12-27-2017 03:08 AM

Re: Deleting rests that appear above the staff
That was it exactly! It took a little time to recognize the single voice button (two notes) ;-)

Thanks so much.

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