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rrayner 11-01-2017 02:39 PM

Full Screen at Startup
This is really a small item, but it seems recently (over a number of months) that neither the current release of Composer or the Beta open in full screen mode. Is there a startup flag that can be added to the properties that will make full screen the default upon opening?

Ralph Rayner

dj 11-02-2017 11:17 AM

Re: Full Screen at Startup
Hi, Ralph:

I don't see that behaviour with either the 3.0.6 full release or the beta (currently 116). Both open maximized for me.

If I reduce the size of the window manually, then close Composer and re-start it, then the window size returns at the size that I've reduced it to.

If I then maximize the window, close Composer and re-start it, I get a maximized window.

I know you wouldn't miss something as obvious as that, so I'm wondering about a registery flag.

My registery has two possibly related flags: Window State and WindowAndToolBarPositions.

Window State has three entries:
Default: REG_SZ value not set
TrackSetupColsV2 REG_SZ 18,149,46,40,35,35,25,25,104,38,104,182
TrackSetupDlgPos REG_SZ 561,140,951,795

WindowAndToolBarPositions has:
Default: REG_SZ value not set
MidiConfigWindowPos: REG_SZ 0,1,0,833,-1,-1,-8-,-8,1448,868
WindowPos: REG_SZ 0,1,01,01,01,01,08,08,1688,1018

I have a feeling that last is the one that determines startup window size. (Reinhold, please correct me if I'm wrong.)

With Composer maximized when you shut it down, how does your registery compare (that last one in particular)?


Reinhold H. 11-02-2017 06:29 PM

Re: Full Screen at Startup

Correct. The software saves the latest position when it shuts down in this Registry section
WindowPos: REG_SZ 0,1,01,01,01,01,08,08,1688,1018
for the next launch. The previous position here was at (left, top, right, bottom) = (08,08,1688,1018).

Fyi - available with 3.0.6-116 I added a change when more than one monitor is used: in case a second monitor is switched off in a next launch of the software and the previous position was on the switched-off monitor, then software ignores the current Registry settings and opens on the available screen in full mode.

Ralph, please check if the recommmendation of David works. If you see a different behaviour, we need to activate a trace to see what happens.



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