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Sherry C 09-23-2017 03:58 PM

Welcome to the 3.0.7 beta testing forum
Hello friends,

This forum (or subforum, if you prefer) is specifically for the beta release of version 3.0.7 of our software. This area is for testing reports from beta testers, as well as questions or discussion from all users regarding the beta testing.

If you are reporting a problem with any other version than the beta version for 3.0.7, please use the other designated sub-forums in this Notation Software User Forum.

Thanks to our beta testers for your time and work on helping improve the software, and thanks to all our users who have submitted reports, comments, and suggestions over the years. We listen to you, and use that information when making decisions to improve all our Notation Software products. Thanks for being part of our team effort!

Best regards,
Your Notation Software Team

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