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kayatsa 04-16-2017 10:57 PM

More customization options
This is just a minor suggestion: I'd like it if the software had more customization options, whether it be within the interface or through editing an .ini file. Here are some of my thoughts:
  • I don't like the blue line that counts through each beat, and I would like an option to remove that.
  • I don't like the purple color of the played notes, I would like to change it to a different color
  • I also want to change the background to black and the notes to white, but I think I can do that with video editing software.

The only customizing option for appearance in the software now is just changing the colors of the buttons and toolbar. I personally find no usefulness in that. But if that option is available, maybe it's possible to put in what I suggested above?

I hope you take my suggestion into consideration. I love this software even if those options cannot be made. Thank you.


Sherry C 04-16-2017 11:49 PM

Re: More customization options
Hi Ted,

To change the Playback Highlighting Options, please
(1) open a song
(2) click on the Perform/Playback Highlighting options.

In the dialog you can select whether or not to have the Beat Bar on or off, and what color for it. Same for the highlighted notes (and also lyrics).

No options at this point for swapping background and notes though.


kayatsa 04-17-2017 11:18 PM

Re: More customization options

I do not see that option. I forgot to mention in my OP that I am using the free notation player software, not the paid products.

Sherry C 04-22-2017 09:01 PM

Re: More customization options
Hi Ted,

That explains it then - the free version is a simple "reader" type product without all the features of the paid-for products. You can give either Musician or Composer a try and see how you like them. You can do much more with them than just set colors - you can also set up practice sessions, rearrange pieces, or even add/edit notes and performance variables (in Composer).

The trial versions are available at


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