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Reinhold H. 11-20-2016 07:25 AM

Band-in-a-Box Plugin for notation composer
A software development agreement has been signed between Notation Software and PG Music Inc to provide a Band-in-a-Box pluging for notation composer. With this feature notation composer can create auto accompaniments from chord progressions using the technology of PG Music.

Composer will display the accompaniments in notation sheets as separate staves and all features of notation composer can be applied to these staves.

The Band-In-A-Box Plugin can be purchased as an add-on software package to a future notation composer 3 update. Available with one of the upcoming notation composer update releases.

We will use this thread to inform you about this feature and discuss details.


Reinhold H. 12-19-2016 06:32 AM

Re: Band-in-a-Box Plugin for notation composer
As a Notation Software internal step we have a first alpha version of the Band-In-A-Box feature available in version 3.


Reinhold H. 05-21-2017 07:21 AM

Re: Band-in-a-Box Plugin for notation composer
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It has been quiet for some time for this feature but we have worked hard in the last weeks on the Band-in-the-Box (click link for details) integration into Composer and almost reached beta quality. Currently we perform intensive testing. Based on our findings we may start with first external customer beta testing soon. We still need to work on the user interface and describe how to use this feature (may be a video). But all in all we are very optimistic to create something fancy here.

From a distribution concept we will distribute the Band-in-a-Box Plugin (BBPlugin) with every Composer trial version and every Composer full version as a trial package. The trial period for the BBPlugin will be 60 days which starts counting when the Composer 3.0.7 is installed either as a full purchased version or as an update. In these 60 days the Band-in-a-Box feature is 100% available for everybody and can be tested thoroughly.

The Band-in-a-Box will appear in Composer as shown below. In case the user does not want this feature at all, it can be simply de-activated and the Band-in-a-Box tab disappears. The BBPlugin can be purchased any time later, of course.


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