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Sherry C 10-12-2016 07:53 PM

Interest survey for including a scanning/OCR feature in Notation Composer
Hello friends,

We are currently exploring many different paths for future development. One feature that has been requested in the past is the capability to scan sheet music or read electronic files (eg. PDF or image files) and have that sheet music entered as a .not song file in Notation Composer.

Since a feature like this obviously takes development effort as well as licensing costs from third party developers who create and maintain the software for such a feature, we would like to find out
  1. if you are interested in such a feature and
  2. how much you would be willing to pay for such a feature.

Please keep in mind that the current field for such software ranges from about $60 usd for stand-alone scanner/reader software that will read up to 12 staves per page for a piano score (does not do multiple instruments) and exports a MIDI file (ie. just the notes) to about $250 for stand-alone software that will read orchestral scores and export MusicXML (ie, notes for multiple instruments and annotations.)

To reply, please click here to go to a duplicate thread for feedback.

Thanks for your input - we appreciate feedback from our musicians to help us determine what really matters to you :)

Best regards,
Your Notation Software Team

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