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lavajunkie 02-22-2015 12:28 AM

Thank you and new stuff.
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Just wanted to give a BIG thank you to the person who last helped me get a song completed with repeats and stuff using the edit repetition instruction thing. I tried it on my own with another old song I had written with GREAT success. Anyway I wanted to share an older song of mine that has been needing a MAJOR overhaul. I'm am determined to do this my self, and do not want any help. That being said, I thought I would share the piece with you all because it is really cool. It's 8 pages long as originally written, and want to get it down to as few pages as possible for framing on my wall (that's how special this piece is to me). I know I have a major undertaking (you'll see why) to do, but I wanted to share this project with you and will show you the finished product when done. I hope you enjoy the piece as played, and originally written.

*Well I did it! I condensed 7 pages down to five. I'm not sure if I can condense any further, I haven't checked; but if I do that will only take 2 seconds. I have ONE problem though and that's the ending. It is supposed to be written in 3/4 time but my stupid piano recorded the original score down as 4/4. Everything was easy, all except that last part. I really wanted to do this myself, but as it turned out I couldn't. I did everything I set out to do, so that's good. But the end needs transcribed so it is easier to read and play (I think). I'm adding the semi finished product, and the ending by it's self to see if anybody has any suggestions. The ending btw, was accidental, and so it stuck. It works; but I could never play it again if I tried.*

*On a side note courtesy of Sherry C. I have made an unknown error; due to no fault of my own; in posting an mp3 that was too large. Thank you for the PM Sherry. It has been removed, and hope that everyone will use this link instead: *

lavajunkie 02-23-2015 04:56 AM

Re: Thank you and new stuff.
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So it would let me add anymore attachments.. So here they are. Thanks Guys!

dj 02-23-2015 12:31 PM

Re: Thank you and new stuff.
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Hello, Lavajunkie:

It's very hard to interpret another composer's musical ideas from a rough sketch, but the attached edited Composer file seems to make musical sense to me within the parameters of your composition.

I tried to find your implied downbeats and adjusted the placement and durations of the notes in the last section to follow the meter more precisely. I also changed the low B in bar 178 to be a lower voice note, clarifying its longer duration.

I deleted the empty bars at the end that weren't needed and there was a spurious end barline at bar 179 that I adjusted to a single barline.

For clarity, I changed your instruction at bar 140 to read "D.C. al coda" and adjusted the two coda marks to be over their corresponding barlines.

I removed the unneeded segno at bar 125 as there was no corresponding Del Segno to lead to it.

And finally, I added a brace to the piano system.

Is that closer to what you were intending?


lavajunkie 02-23-2015 06:05 PM

Re: Thank you and new stuff.
Dave, I think you got it... the al s and al c is total Greek to me. Basically if you take a look at your amendment; measure 125 goes to measure 140 back to 125, which goes to measure 132, then skips to measure 41 (at least that was as I intended). About the ending, looks good to me accept measure 170,171,172 are playing way too fast; as I said before it was an accident, just fooling around, and it stuck. The ending was/is suppose to be played at a slowly decreasing speed as you go along, and the rest of the piece isn't as rigid as it looks on paper either; it's played more freely, with feeling (slow and fast in different spots). Oh... and one question. As I was transcribing for condensing; I noticed a lot accidentals in the piece. This led me to do all the key signature changes to remove them. Is this common? I have seen one or two in a piece, but not quite as many as I have in this one.
Thank you!
James R.

lavajunkie 02-24-2015 12:12 AM

Re: Thank you and new stuff.
Ok... About the ending speed; I listened to the wav file and it's not too fast; the song is speed up by that point so I need to add tempo marks throughout. I'll do that later... Gotta get to work.

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