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Djim Tio (djimtio) 12-24-2008 08:34 PM

Hi Dave While listening to y
Hi Dave
While listening to your very latest X-mas compositions,there is a question I wanted to ask,about Virtual cables (VC).
While trouble shooting a third party softsynth through a VC connected to Notation Composer/Musician I stumbled upon two problems ( as parts of the chain ,besides other links of course ).
a. no problems ( clean sound ) when using small or "properly sequenced " (very) big midi files
b. problems ( stuttering,glitching, you name it )with ( usually )larger
mid.files with lots of multi-instrument-demi-semi-quavered( 32th ?
4-6 note )chords and which( according to me ) could be those so-called
stuck -or bad notes off.Checking UNDO STUCK NOTES in Composer or BAD
NOTES OFF in the "receiving " softsynth is effective,but just
c. principally the same when using VCīs with VST/instruments/effects

A. could this be a VC-related problem ?
B. "My" setup problem ( PCU,RAM etc )
C. any other isuue I overlooked ( most probable )

Sorry for disturbing a peacefull X-mas
Regards and all the best to you and yor family

David Jacklin (dj) 12-25-2008 11:10 AM

Hi, Djim: Well, that's
Hi, Djim:

Well, that's the much-dreaded computer latency. Your 'puter is having difficulty processing everything in time and stutters and hiccoughs over notes.

When using internal sounds and/or virtual instruments, remember that the computer has to calculate all of the audio as well as send midi messages (and do the housekeeping stuff within Composer) (and run your anti-virus software and your network etc.). So, it takes serious processing horsepower to make it work.

If the host for your virtual instruments can use ASIO drivers (, then that may fix some of it or even all of it. Setting the number of read buffers used by your host to a higher number or using fewer virtual instruments, ie., smaller processing demands will also help.

Of course, outboard (read: REAL) instruments don't take that kind of internal processing power, so they would likely eliminate it altogether. But they rarely come as freeware.

Merry Christmas


Djim Tio (djimtio) 12-25-2008 12:02 PM

Hi David Thanks for your comm
Hi David
Thanks for your comments and support.
I already suspected the latency problem and actually tried to blame
something else for it,which is a bad habit especially when trouble shooting third party software.I already use ASIO4all,but as you said,not always a solution.
Either I have to clean up my PC,cluttered with all sorts of applications,
or go out and by a " bigger " one.Fortunately all shops are closed now.
Thanks again and enjoy your X-mas pie.

Djim Tio (djimtio) 12-28-2008 08:03 PM

Hi David Just a final questio
Hi David
Just a final question before ending this year, if you don`t mind.
Is there an explanation or any possible reason why all the problems mentioned above only occurs to me when using Virtual cables ?
Is there something about Virtual cables I should know and couldnīt find even after Googling around ?
Thanks and regards

David Jacklin (dj) 12-29-2008 01:16 PM

Hi, Djim: Well, virtual cab
Hi, Djim:

Well, virtual cables are another program running within your computer, so that's more load placed on the CPU.

There are some multi-channel playback devices (Independence Free and SampleTank Free are two) that are available that provide their own virtual cable and allow for multiple channels of playback. The free versions are limited in their sounds.


Djim Tio (djimtio) 12-29-2008 06:19 PM

Hi David Ooooh...I can see it
Hi David
Ooooh...I can see it clearly now ( used to be a hit tune some time ago ).
The more complicated the song ,the more VC has to "work", the more...etc.
Thanks for the other suggestions,but thatīs getting out of my scope I am afraid.I was just trying out establishing a connection between Notation Composer/Musician and the ( rather new ) MIDI IN feature of Synthfont (the stand alone version) and his stripped off " little brother " Syfon ( still in beta )a Midi Port Player ,accepting ( large ) Soundfont banks and instruments,VSTeff and VST inst etc.
I got the latter working with NC/M, but only when playing good/profesionnally made midi files,though.
Thanks again and regards

Sherry Crann (sherry) 06-09-2009 01:43 PM

Howdy guys, Just a note on
Howdy guys,

Just a note on Asio4All - I found a trick that may help and posted it here.


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