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  1. Transposing one instrument
  2. changing instruments
  3. Changing notes of entire score
  4. naming patches in higher banks
  5. Microsoft XP wavetable horrible sound
  6. Treble vs Bass Clef
  7. Breath Mark
  8. Replacing certain parts with the repeat measure
  9. Doubling measures and note length
  10. Creating parts by dividing staffs
  11. Repeat and End lines over multiple bars
  12. shifting notes rightwards using SHIFT right arrow
  13. extending duration of notes and resulting notation
  14. Grace notes chromatic edit pssoible
  15. Undo Bug
  16. Am Stuck A stuck composer
  17. Midi output deviceproblems
  18. help with ties and repeated sections
  19. Keyboard to Notation Software bamboozled
  20. courtesy accidentals
  21. Suddenly developed wrong drum sound
  22. fermata how best to handle
  23. Possibly to add lyrics not aligned to notes
  24. How to beam notes with rests between
  25. UninstallReinstall on Vista issues
  26. forcing notation to as performed
  27. Missing word when copying lyric
  28. Position of measure numbers in relation to staff
  29. CopyPaste Lyrics to second track Program error
  30. No sound from Composer but OK with Player
  31. Global change duration of notes did I dream this
  32. Shifting large areas of score right leaving gap or left into gap
  33. composer hangs all the time
  34. Function of clipboards in adding lyrics
  35. copypaste is working very rare
  36. Shifting notes do all associated events move with them
  37. teaching NC about chords
  38. Easiest way to add lyrics
  39. How do I eliminate barlines
  40. How do I move a note up or down on the save quickly
  41. Multiple Endings on A and B part
  42. part measure at end without repeat
  43. Dotted Quarter Notes next to eighth notes always get tied
  44. canbt get notes to snap to as notated after realtime record
  45. Do ties and slurs effect the sound
  46. large meters meter for free rythm
  47. Convert Bass Clef to Treble Clef
  48. On Writing Helpful Bug Reports
  49. Problem detecting Recording device
  50. Problem with selecting brace/brackets
  51. Lost NC Icons
  52. How can i register my product?
  53. Can I record the notations with a tenor saxophone?
  54. MIDI Infinite Loop - any way to "lock" default input?
  55. Two problems while testing
  56. chord names incorrectly displaying
  57. Incorrect key signature from midi file
  58. Using Notation Composer without sight.
  59. Couple Notes don't play second time through
  60. Set Staff Control enabled as default
  61. Users manual
  62. Issues for printing
  63. Composer and the Yamaha DSR 2000
  64. To hide the unhidable staff
  65. Playlist Problem
  66. No Sound on Playback
  67. Easy Note Musician. missing notes
  68. increase main volume level at play start
  69. More formatting woes
  70. Add Measures Problem
  71. Difference between conductors and single part
  72. Looping song
  73. Quantization
  74. Wrong Assignment of Drums in Composer
  75. Unwanted chords
  76. Bug on Windows 7
  77. Song Volume
  78. Reversing the order of notes
  79. Adding Tempo Notations
  80. Problem Changing Instrument
  81. Couple of questions
  82. Changing note durations or lengths
  83. Problem with a Play List
  84. transporting midi to Notation Solfware
  85. Unable to find device in config.
  86. Transposing Only One Clef Line
  87. Transposing Chords with over bass
  88. Importing chord information
  89. Transcribing Arpeggios
  90. Downloading Problem
  91. Chord removal
  92. Metronome Volume
  93. Why no sound
  94. Coda will not play
  95. Recover not working
  96. Region Deletion
  97. Misspelling?
  98. Midi file won't load
  99. MIDI recording too fast and all on one staff
  100. Can I Add Chord Diagrams?
  101. Verse Numbers
  102. Possible to Copy and Paste Lyrics From Just One Verse?
  103. Alternate Notes For Different Verses?
  104. Multiple instruments to 1
  105. reset/update midi to notation
  106. Imported Midi In Wrong Key With Wrong Note Timing?
  107. Applying Same Space Between Systems?
  108. problem notating notes in weird Time Signature
  109. Keeps Splitting Dotted 8th into 2 notes?
  110. Removing small rests
  111. Beams that connect notes across a grand staff?
  112. Sequential Note Entry and Rests
  113. chordsymbol enharmonic shifted
  114. Crescendos on large notes
  115. grace note on first note in measure
  116. Eliminating Time Signature from Upbeat Measure
  117. Composer unpredictable and won't save
  118. Inserting a rest measure at the start
  119. Composer crashes when editing lyrics
  120. Changing User name
  121. Measure Numbers for Repeat Staff Endings
  122. Problem writing Whole Note
  123. Problem in displaying note as I want it
  124. Text not aligned with music in Song
  125. Putting Midi In Bass Clef?
  126. Recording probs involving metronome
  127. Soloists singing same note with different duration
  128. Stubborn beams
  129. Joining together quavers
  130. Changing tempo for whole song
  131. Importing Music XML Files?
  132. Can I Hide The Track/Staff Name?
  133. Want lyric line OVER R.H., L.H. accompaniment
  134. adding Instrument sounds
  135. Cues
  136. Step-time entry - unwanted rests
  137. Deleting instruments (Not.Musician)
  138. how to remove 'Piano' display
  139. NC v2.5.2 reinstal needed - how best to do it
  140. True Piano
  141. Great software! I Have a question though...
  142. How to erase note on the staff?
  143. Creating New File
  144. midi set up
  145. Deleting instrument
  146. Matching misaligned beats to their respective beats
  147. Easy notes
  148. selecting only part of a staff?
  149. Drum Tracks
  150. Different note durations on same staff
  151. stem direction single voice
  152. trial version to slow "not responding"
  153. Selection of Notes in Composer 2.6
  154. "Access denied"
  155. Schubert's revenge
  156. Upgrade and old mididev.cfg
  157. fade effects
  158. Change speed in 2.6 has some glicthes
  159. Lyrics - More than one word on a note
  160. Staff Repeat not Working V2.6
  161. Spacing
  162. bows to next page
  163. Right and Left hands split into 2 staff
  164. How do I get a new Windows XP installation disc for a Dell?
  165. simile symbol
  166. notation v sibelius in schools
  167. WindowBlinds conflict and how to fix it
  168. Roland F-90 / Windows 7 / Composer 2.6.1 not reading device
  169. Whole note split into 2 half notes
  170. Meter refuses to be hidden
  171. Combine Chord Command
  172. Staff Setup
  173. Trial Version Time Period Expired
  174. Problem with Lyrics
  175. Copy / Paste Lyrics Error
  176. Adding and Editing Chord Names
  177. Note Velocity reduces when removing a tie between two notes
  178. Latest file won't open
  179. what does a bug report mean on a software game?
  180. time-lag between melody and measure beat
  181. dificulties to select brackets or braces
  182. Band-in-a-Box Tab
  183. Space between main score and Coda
  184. Urgent = player bug = urgent
  185. Select All command sometimes fails
  186. Transpose instrument key fails for half step
  187. Page layout lost after saving a notation
  188. Question on staves
  189. Bracket at beginning
  190. Connecting arpeggio symbol
  191. I can't make it, my english is not good enough!!!
  192. Is it possible ?
  193. Some key changes not shown on notation
  194. Playlist looking for songs other than Midi format
  195. color individual notes?
  196. " qpnr "
  197. First Notation software run stalls on file load
  198. Notation Composer demo incomplete?
  199. Exporting notesheet as images
  200. XML format and import
  201. Decrease velocity contrast works odd
  202. Real Time Recording
  203. Cord name transcription to score?
  204. Recording/Editing channel pressure (aftertouch)
  205. Recently used files list not properly updated.
  206. Realtime recording percussion
  207. jc
  208. display in musician
  209. Easy notes in Composer
  210. Staff Setup
  211. Setup: Transcription Options: For Guitar Parts
  212. Transposing slash chords
  213. The sound is 1 octave to high
  214. Cross-bar tied note not displayed correctly when followed by a rest
  215. Non-displayed text before first note event
  216. Exporting Individual Voice Parts
  217. Tempo problem
  218. Deleting or Clearing measures
  219. toolbar missing items
  220. Type of File
  221. NC 2.6 aborts if Exit after loading a Template file
  222. Changing Key
  223. No sound and no MIDI devices found in Vista
  224. Adding rests at the end
  225. Upgrade from Musician to Composer
  226. Transpose guitar chords without changing notes
  227. Transposing a section only
  228. Error message
  229. Problem with naming staffs
  230. What is the best forum to ask questions about vision problems?
  231. Transposing only one staff
  232. Bass / Kick drum not sounding
  233. To convert tied notes to dotted notation
  234. Melisma and text editor
  235. Composer and Players
  236. first attempt with ns
  237. Acoustic guitar and music notation
  238. Adding cue notes
  239. Change note duration
  240. Volumes reset on MIDI Exports
  241. Midi sound bank/Config
  242. Naming all staff
  243. Sending my example of voices
  244. Export Midi - chords lost
  245. Registering a composition with the Library of Congress
  246. STAB & Piano Arrangement
  247. Re-setting overall tempo in a work in progress
  248. HELP!!
  249. Different timed notes with no ties
  250. trial version