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  1. setting up instrument sound names for MIDI keyboard
  2. Tracks v Channels
  3. Where you can get the free MidiNotate Player
  4. Using MidiNotate Player for rehearsal process
  5. Track Setup when using an External MIDI device
  6. Explode bChordb onto multiple tracks
  7. play along sound volume
  8. Changing appearance of staves
  9. Fixed number of measures per staff on a part
  10. staff placement in a NOT file
  11. Get and keep by you a good basic theory book
  12. Work through Rimsky KorsakoffGarritan orchestration interactions
  13. Interesting way to highlight actively playing notes
  14. Tracks Staves and Channels
  15. One drum sound softer than the other
  16. Page View dashes
  18. Starting a new page
  19. Extracted Drum Scores are confusing
  20. Player features
  21. How to connect my Keyboard to Notation Software
  22. Number of stave sets per page
  23. Strip out pitch
  24. How to remove part names from the music
  25. Inserting real time section in existing composition
  26. lyrics don't fit the measure
  27. how do I add a tie to a chord
  28. Importing MIDI files into Cubase
  29. Video - improving your music skills
  30. Video - Using Notation Software to learn to read music
  31. Video - Using Composer to extensively arrange and edit songs
  32. Video - Using Composer to write your own music
  33. Video - Using Composer to get great sound
  34. Removing Vibrato
  35. Syncopated Tune sounds a littel rough, need help
  36. Maplesound site no longer - get Maple MIDI virtual cables at new location
  37. Adding text to all parts, and the conductor's score only once
  38. Importing a device description into Composer or Musician
  39. Drumset notation
  40. Changing tied notes to dotted notes
  41. Using a guitar to input MIDI
  42. Using Note Velocity and Volume to get good performance balance in Composer
  43. Practical Instrument Limits
  44. Swing Feel
  45. Showing Concert Pitch chord names with a single transposing instrument part
  46. can i simply transpose my music saved as pdf using composer?
  47. Creating "upbeat" measures
  48. Courtesy accidentals without pitch names?
  49. septuplets or larger?
  50. trigger modulation
  51. Learning Need Advice
  52. Old midi devices
  53. Adding notes using the mouse
  54. loopMidi
  55. Revealing hidden lyrics
  56. Print only two staves of 5 or more staves
  57. Video tutorials - let's make a list!
  58. Enter Underlined Text Characters
  59. Need Help when recording from a keyboard
  60. Template for violin with three tab lines
  61. how to enter 6 notes with four of them forming two pairs in guitar
  62. Changing from one staff to another
  63. Volume
  64. Repeat
  65. Notes not right
  66. Using Notation Composer to fine tune your intonation
  67. Vocal recording
  68. Multiple Tunes in One File?
  69. How to number the first measure?
  70. Additional or specialty Template files for Notation Musician and Notation Composer
  71. Using stacatto to control playback
  72. Need assistance on Tab
  73. Noteheads for drum staves: "x"-style or "regular" noteheads
  74. Instrument Definition files
  75. Roll Notation not correct?
  76. change key signature
  77. Chord Problem
  78. To avoid "jumpy" score when entering notes in Composer....
  79. How do I tie 3 notes that have different pitch
  80. Editing straight 8ths to swing 8ths
  81. Arpeggios and enharmonic spelling
  82. page number
  83. Minimizing chord complexity
  84. Creating pdf file
  85. German manuel for Musician 2.6.3
  86. Overview of Volume, Pan and Note Velocity (editing in Notation Composer)
  87. Writing cadenza passages in Notation Composer
  88. Swinging 8ths in Notation Composer
  89. Repetitive notes don't sound - FIX
  90. End of song
  91. E-mailing sheet music
  92. GP6: Slide in middle of a note
  93. Notation Software Without Measures or Time Signatures
  94. limiting # of measures per line
  95. Swing Feel
  96. Converting MIDI Type 1 files to MIDI Type 0 files
  97. editing pitchbend
  98. Modify the rhythm of two beamed quavers
  99. Turing off uato filling
  100. Help With Adding Flats and Sharps
  101. Ritards and Resumption of Play at Tempo
  102. Delete measures, of a single staff empty
  103. Drumkit
  104. Notation & Cantabile
  105. Formattting a printed page
  106. Upgrade to Version 3
  107. Sneaky trick to have two pages open at the same time
  108. Getting Midi Recording to work with Yamaha UX-16
  109. 2x (2nd Time) Only in Repeats
  110. Backup
  111. Flam Workaround
  112. recent user musician
  113. Thru/through, and muting it
  114. separation of closely-adjacent notes
  115. Cannot Delete MIDI Device
  116. New print version of User Guides now available
  117. simple chords
  118. Transfer License to another computer
  119. Sound Events
  120. No time signature or barlines
  121. collapse multiple measures
  122. MIDI Export Options in notation musician 3 and notation composer 3
  123. Notation Software that allows sample variation on the same score line
  124. Image Export with Version 3.1!
  125. Controlling playback tempo with a midi keyboard