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  1. Tutorial videos for Notation Software products
  2. Setting up your workspace - tutorial video
  3. Transcription options - how they affect the notation you get from MIDI (.mid) files
  4. Lyrics - basic entry
  5. Lyrics - copy/pasting from a text editor and entering multiple verses
  6. Lyrics - basic font editing
  7. Transpositions: Song key (actual pitches) and Instrument Key Transpositions
  8. Note Entry - using the mouse and Notes tool palette (Notation Composer only)
  9. Note Entry - Step-time Recording and Sequential Note Entry (Notation Composer only)
  10. Note Entry - Recording with a metronome (Notation Composer only)
  11. Note Entry - Recording into Composer even if you don't play keyboard (Composer only)
  12. Formatting the score for printing -Notation Musician and Notation Composer
  13. Getting a Great Performance - 01 (Notation Composer)
  14. Practicing - tools to make learning fun and easy (Musician and Composer)
  15. Text and symbols in the score (Notation Musician and Notation Composer)
  16. Virtual MIDI Cable installation - Notation Musician and Notation Composer
  17. Using SynthFont for better sounds and lower latency (Musician and Composer)
  18. Getting started with Garritan Libraries (Notation Composer)
  19. Question: which tutorial video should be next?
  20. Note Editing - the basics (mainly Notation Composer)
  21. ReBar - adjusting the barlines (Notation Composer)
  22. Parts! Two installments, for Notation Musician and Notation Composer
  23. Shifting barlines - Notation Musician and Notation Composer
  24. Question on writing trill
  25. Tutorial for Band-in-a-Box plugin for Notation Composer