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  2. "Principles of orchestration" interactive course is still available - free
  3. Exploring Jazz Arranging
  4. Helpful hints for keeping a steady tempo
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  6. MIDI instruments for SATB rehearsals
  7. How to eliminate the oscillation of notes?
  8. The physical side of making music
  9. Accidentals With Grace Notes
  10. musings...
  11. Advanced Tips Request
  12. Audio recording tips
  13. Extracting SATB Midi parts???
  14. Slurs across multiple endings on repeats
  15. Need help with removing voices or tracks
  16. Adjusting Lines
  17. Timpani
  18. Writing for Drum Set
  19. Transposing
  20. Search Arguments in a Forum
  21. Dynamic Markings
  22. Drum Intro Sample
  23. 'Music composer' or 'Music notation' which is best for my needs?
  24. Realtime audio transpose and pitch shift for practice
  25. How do you make money as a music composer?
  26. Wide-format Printer
  27. How to insert a glissando?
  28. text on scores question
  29. YouTube Content
  30. philosophy of Music
  31. Drum roll, please!
  32. Musicator filetype to MIDI converter?
  33. Time Value for Chord Symbols
  34. How to Clear "MIDI" effects
  35. Page Title on Multiple Pages
  36. Reference: "Standard Music Notation Practice"
  37. Inserting a new empty measure in orchestral score
  38. Repeat signs
  39. Notation for Harmonica?
  40. new evaluator
  41. Convert Music to Chords
  42. Moving notes between staves
  43. Copying Tempo Changes
  44. Midi Messages
  45. Trombone Bends
  46. Newbie ? - see music as I play
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  48. Search engine
  49. Cool site on music acoustics
  50. Drum sound changes
  51. Bob James - Bare Bones
  52. Amp settings - Les Paul on a Marshall amp
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  54. Sequence of Final Notation Touches
  55. need help turning midi into sheet music
  56. How our brains are tuned to music
  57. Great resource for instrument ranges, scoring, etc.
  58. Pre-Purchase Questions
  59. song key changer/ keys on sheet paper
  60. Long groups of notes
  61. lyrics
  62. Soundfont Librarian
  63. Need help in chording!
  64. Extra notes in a specific bar
  65. Uploading PDF - extract parts
  66. The difference between old time, bluegrass, and celtic music
  67. Chord Symbol on the Off Beat
  68. Pitch Bend
  69. Shuffle Beat
  70. Chord Names for Rhythm Section
  71. feedback contact
  72. Wrote a song; having trouble getting it to paper.
  73. How to play this situation, with Notation?
  74. sextuplet
  75. new query
  76. Spanish language variants of Composer and Musician
  77. reseach suitable midi keyboard.
  78. Help Writing Repeats
  79. Audio to MIDI conversion and Notation products
  80. blank midi tracks
  81. Accurate freehand notation?
  82. Page Break Stretch
  83. Esc key - and beaming across staves
  84. Copyrighting a Song
  85. using lp recorder
  86. Volume Slider
  87. Mixing and Mastering Definitions
  88. Repeat set of measures invisibly after example
  89. Perform repeats
  90. Merging staves in sellected systems only
  91. Hide part(s) from screen view
  92. How to write ending indicators
  93. New notation forum NOTAT.IO
  94. No lyrics or txt found in a midi file
  95. Written piece possably missing notes.
  96. SATB score writing
  97. Figuring out chord progressions from songs
  98. Notation Software on macOS Sierra
  99. Looking for "The Little Man Who Wasn't There"
  100. Help Finding copyright holders
  101. Anything a newbie should know?
  102. A Prickly Question
  103. Notation Software History
  104. Full Screen at Startup
  105. mxl MusicXML format for posts to the forum
  106. Pitch bracket notation
  107. My second Band-in-a-Box song.