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  1. How I the developer of MidiNotate use it
  2. Karaoke the Right Way
  3. Performing Musician
  4. Rediscovering the Bassoon
  5. Arranging with MidiNotate
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  7. Arranger hoping to share scores with a cappella group
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  9. Choir Practice
  10. MidiNotate on DVD
  11. 11x17 or A3
  12. Forming a cover band
  13. Interface with Intelliscore for making midis from CDbs
  14. Thank You
  15. Great software
  16. How Ibm using Composerrecording
  17. Showing Chords and removing other instruments
  18. I use MidiNotate to learn video game music using the virtual keyboard
  19. easy play and fake books
  20. Great Service
  21. MGbs wife Sara has passed away
  22. Tips Please for a new user
  23. Burnin' down the house
  24. Funky Salsa %231
  25. Absolute Newbiebs First Impressions
  26. Dark Distance Memories
  27. Great Piano Learning Game that goes with Composer
  28. Mark at NAMM
  29. Fred Winterling has passed away
  30. My new music making toy
  31. Technical Support
  32. moving updown in octaves
  33. Moving slowly through the maze
  34. My overall impression of Notation Composer
  35. Share my best wishes
  36. Alexbs first album
  37. About Notation Software's Recession Specials
  38. Continung a thread begun as bforcing notation to as performedb
  39. A nice visit
  40. Wishing you and yours....
  41. Hellow bROTHER :D
  42. Herbert has no Heart he runs on a Microprocessor
  43. A New Notation Composer User
  44. Notation Software is great
  45. x-mas chill out
  46. Garritan sound libraries - sale for Christmas
  47. urbi et orbi
  48. NAMM 2011 has opened its doors
  49. In Memoriam: Mark Walsen
  50. Education/personal enjoyment - Free podcasts for "Jazz Insights"
  51. Jazz Band on You Tube
  52. Hungarian Border Guard Orchestra - Wow!
  53. Swing Girls - Sing, Sing, Sing
  54. Add-on touch screen
  55. Ridiculously inexpensive MIDI-to-USB cable
  56. My presentation
  57. Who i am :)
  58. In memoriam: Djim Tio
  59. Performance of my song by professional soprano
  60. Music???????????
  61. Free (and excellent) big band - USAF bands
  62. Free online music classes by Berklee!
  63. Notation Software to transfer ownership and expand worldwide support
  64. Awesome project for kids to make music
  65. Sherry can now sight read sheet music :)
  66. Excellent community program - Smiles with Music
  67. A gift of music that you can give
  68. Big Band
  69. Opera with notation composer! Really!
  70. "Red Snapper" (Live In Studio) - The Airmen Of Note featuring Bobby Shew
  71. Midi and Wagner
  72. A different kind of Beethoven
  73. News of note
  74. I Want To Be Happy - Airmen of Note
  75. Thank you and new stuff.
  76. Bill Denbrock Big Band playing in Michigan Labor Day Weekend
  77. Giveaway of the Day - free MP3 conversion software
  78. USAF Band Holiday Performance 2015
  79. Musical news
  80. USAF Band Holiday Performance 2016
  81. Vika Yermolyeva supports Notation Software
  82. Share a .not file with Users
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  85. New Website